Mardi Gras at Pop Brixton – March 2019

DJ Lil’ Koko invited us to dance, perform and teach during her set at the Mardi Gras festivities at Pop Brixton. Dressed in purple, orange and gold we led the parade through the music to the driving rhythm of the Tunnel Chops marching band. Then back at the stage we performed three routines and taught a 20-minute solo Charleston class. We spent the rest of the afternoon dancing with people from the crowd, practising our gymnastics (occasionally being outshone by the kids!) and dropping in the odd surprise routine.

Briston Mardi Gras is such a energetic burst of colour in the grey of winter – what a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks Lil’ Koko for having us. See you next year!

Festival No.6 – September 2018

For our fifth year at Festival No.6 we played the piazza at 7:15pm on Friday night. We put on a ‘Mudflappers Megamix’ with tunes from the 30s to the 80s. For the first time we played with our DJ Tobin on stage, so we could mix it up between performances, demonstrations and audience dance-offs. What started with Charleston ended with a Thriller-fuelled zombie stage invasion. We also taught partnered Lindy Hop, St. Louis Shag and Northern Soul workshops up in the No.6 Academy. Our fifth No.6 has been our best one yet – great to end on a high!

Byline Festival – August 2018

Our old friends at the Idler Academy were running a bookshop at Byline, the festival of writing and journalism. They asked us if would like to teach swing dancing in their bookshop and we said “Yes!” (We usually do…) You remember the summer of 2018 when it was hot, hot, hot? Well, Byline was the weekend that the heavens broke. We took shelter in the bookshop tent and taught our mix of old moves to new music between the aisles of books.

Very muddy dancing shoes standing in a muddy puddle
Byline festival

Port Eliot – July 2018

Port Eliot was our first festival and one of our favourites. This year we were back for the 5th year to teach a programme of beginners’ swing dancing classes at the Idler Academy stage. The setting couldn’t be more idyllic: a lawn that gives onto a beautiful tidal inlet. Lots of space to dance, drink gin, and then, when it gets too hot, a quick swim in the bracing water and some skin treatment on the mudflats.

We taught a mixture of lindy hop, charleston and St Louis shag classes. We now have quite a loyal following at Port Eliot, with festival goers coming back year after year to try out our irreverent mix of dancing, messing around and generally making people laugh. We are super pleased to be coming back in 2019.

Pete the Monkey – July 2018

We returned for a second French adventure in Normandy, with rolling fields and sunny seaside as backdrop to the eclectic and charitable Pete the Monkey festival. We taught partnered Lindy Hop in a treehouse and our favourite solo Charleston stroll in the gorgeous (baking) sunshine. It was a treat to discover London friends Sweet Thunder playing pop-up swing-jazz slots with their travelling piano, so much of the weekend was spent cheerfully swinging out to live music with twinkle-toed festival goers. [Reports of unofficial Mudflapper-initiated dance-alongs in the late night Disco Tent can neither be confirmed nor denied…]

A Bientôt!

Mudflappers Tour de France – July 2018

The Mudflappers’ Tour de France has become an annual fixture. This year we headed to sunny Provence for some rehearsals in the rolling hills, a village square show and street performances on the shoe-melting streets of Avignon. Our multi-talented ‘Flappers debuted our busking band and we just couldn’t help ourselves from a little impromptu dance “sur le Pont D’Avignon”, as the old song says…

Festival No. 6 – September 2015

We were absolutely thrilled to return to Festival No. 6 this year. If ever there was a perfect venue for a festival then this is it, and we have the privilege of being asked to teach right in the middle of it, in the piazza of the fantasy mediterranean coastal village-inspired Portmeirion (as well as on a floating stage – that was a first!) This year as well as a class, we threw in some performances and a little late night dancing;  some crowd-busting electroswing routines in the VIP tent, onstage with the live band Gypsies of Bohemia, and were invited to take part in the spectacular festival finale which re-imagined the classic ‘Prisoner’ opening scenes. Definitely a spectacle to remember!

Port Eliot – July 2015

At this year’s Port Eliot festival the Mudflappers were the resident dance band at the Idler Academy stage. Beneath the boughs of the shade trees, between the gin bar and the sea, you could find us helping innocent punters to learn the Lindy Hop. We ran taster classes all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We also chucked in the odd show when the opportunity arose and managed to perform out in the mud!

Lubstock – July 2015

We are delighted to announce that we will be returning to Lubstock in 2015 to do more dancing and teaching. At Lubstock they create something really special, which is why we are so pleased to be invited back to take part again. If everything falls into place, Lubstock 2015 will be the first time we manage to get all of our irreverant band of Mudflappers together on stage at the same time, and that will be an achievement!

Liverpool Sound City – May 2015

We are chuffed to have been invited to perform at this year’s Liverpool Sound City. To tie in with this year’s festival has a New York-Liverpool theme, we will be performing will our own unique Lindy Hip Hop show, which mixes traditional Lindy Hop manoeuvres with a New York themed hip hop soundtrack. And if that makes the audience want to get up and join in then great because we will also be offering free taster lessons for anyone who wants to give them a go. We can’t wait! Check us out on the festival website.